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Brewer’s Grade Band Takes Home Their First IMEA Award

June 19th, 2018

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They came, they saw, they conquered.

Brewer’s Grade Band attended the 5th Annual IMEA Awards this weekend and took home their first IMEA Award!

COUNTRY BAND OF THE YEAR: The band - Joe Smart, Zac Grooms, Nolan Hare, Al Hare, and Cody Christopherson - reeled in Country Band of the Year for their genre bending sound and unique twist on traditional country, known as Northwest Country. Its no doubt that Brewer’s Grade Band has begun to blaze their own trail in country music.

“We are so grateful for this opportunity to perform on the IMEA Awards stage and very honored to accept this award! We can’t wait to see what new doors this opens for us to be able to share our Northwest Country music with an even wider audience!” said Brewer’s Grade Band.

Following their win, Colt Chambers, President of IMEA and Executive Director of IMEA Awards, congratulated the band.

“On behalf of the IMEA Awards, I’d like to congratulate Brewer’s Grade Band on their win. IMEA is fortunate to have so much talent coming from the Pacific Northwest. We look forward to continued participation from Brewer’s Grade Band in the future!”

For band member Joe Smart, this isn’t the first award he’s taken home. In 2017, Joe Smart was awarded a Grammy for his incredible work with the O’Connor Band and their album, “Coming Home”. Joe and the O’Connor Band have previously collaborated with Paul Simon and toured with Zac Brown Band.

This IMEA award may be a first for Brewer’s Grade Band, but it definitely won’t be the last.

To learn more about Brewer’s Grade Band, visit

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By: Christina Black - Dead Horse Branding

Press Contact: Christina Black | 720.301.2558

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