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Its All About The Name

Updated: Feb 28, 2018

The most common question anyone and everyone always asks a band is either “how long have you been together” or “how did you get your name”

Well to answer the first question it’s very simple. 20 years, 13 years, 9 years and 7 years. (told you it was simple)  Now onto the second question.  Naming a band can be simple…. or not. Lucky for us we’ve only had to do it three times. 

When the band was founded in 1998 it was called “Zac Grooms and Wanted”.  Soon after, we decided to change it to "Zac Grooms & Unwound”.  Around 2009 we decided that being a band was way better than just an artist with a band so “Unwound” became the sole name to encompass us all.  It wasn’t until late 2011 that we realized there were way too many “Unwound”s around for us to pursue national success and keep the name.  It was during that year that we searched and searched and argued and finally found a name that was not only unique to country music, but was meaningful to us, our town, and represented our ways. 

Brewery Grade is a well known street in our home town of The Dalles, Oregon that takes off from east third street and at a steep incline runs all the way up through town.  Anyone who is from The Dalles, frequents the area, or knows anything about the town’s history is familiar with brewery grade as well as the 100 year old building at the bottom of the hill that was once a brewery and the street’s namesake.  By using Brewer’s Grade we not only pay homage to the hometown that has supported us throughout our journey, but it also expresses something we can defiantly relate to, our area.  The Pacific Northwest is known for it’s vast array of microbreweries, it’s iconic coffee brands well associated with Seattle and Portland, and of course the hard working men and woman, friends and fans that enjoy a brew or two.

Brewer’s Grade Band is all about making music inspired by the Northwest and there is nothing more Northwest than a good old Brew.

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