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The BGB Keg Trailer! (Wait, what?)

Updated: Feb 28, 2018

Over the years we’ve gotten to work on lots of cool projects and collaborations, but this one might just take the cake... or at least the kegs!

Ladies and Gentlemen, meet the Brewer’s Grade Keg Trailer! This refrigerated 5 tap system is fully rigged up and ready to roll to your next big event!

The idea came from Nolan Hare’s work off the stage as an event promoter. With the explosion of Craft Beer in the Pacific Northwest it was becoming increasingly difficult to source quality beer dispensing equipment for events in the Columbia River Gorge... especially during peak season. That’s when the band's growing collection of cargo trailers came to mind. He commandeered Joe Smart’s old tool trailer which Zac had recently added to the fleet and brought it to his event team to begin building a permanent solution to this problem. Through a partnership with The Hiway House Restaurant, Discover Rentals, and Freebridge Brewing plans were drawn up and components were ordered to insulate, refrigerate and kegerate the 5x8 box!

Durable food-grade 3” foam insulation was installed and lined with frp on the top and sides of the trailer. More insulation and a new coated wood floor complete the coldbox. Clear vinyl strip doors were installed on the back and side doors to keep the cold inside when accessing the kegs during operation. Next, a custom steel insert was fabricated and braced off of the tongue of the trailer, along with a custom stainless steel drip tray for the tap system. This allowed a 15000 BTU LG air conditioning unit to be installed and modified to run off of a state-of-the-art Cool Bot system ensuring the appropriate temperature would be maintained inside the trailer at all times. Finally a Co2 tank, pressure regulator, manifolds, couplers, beer nuts, shanks, taps, and lines were all installed and configured!

The completed trailer is capable of transporting and dispensing 1000+ 16oz beers without a restock! (....yeah!) It was debuted at Nolan’s 2017 Fort Dalles Fourth Festival where it held its own in the hot summer sun. When not in use by BGB or one of our partners it is available for rent at a very affordable rate through Discover Rentals in The Dalles! Our portion of the proceeds will help maintain the rest of our equipment and keep our show going strong down the road!

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