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The Me Before You

Updated: Feb 28, 2018

We all forget things.  Sometimes it’s song lyrics. Occasionally we will forget an item such as an instrument or vital piece of sound gear, but who forgets about an entire song?

Well Brewer’s Grad Band sure did.  While recording the “Jumpin’ In” album in 2014 BGB recorded more songs than they ended up needing for the record.  Once the album came out and time went on they literally just forgot what else was recorded.  One day years later while riding to a show someone says “hey, didn’t we record “The Me Before You”? Curiosity ensued and they dug up the old tracks and realized it was simply in need of mixing and mastering to be ready for the world. 

The song “The Me Before You” actually got it’s start when it was released as the title track on lead singer Zac Grooms’ solo album in 2005.  The instrumentation was simple with nothing more than acoustic guitar, bass guitar, mandolin, and background vocals done by Zac’s mom Susie Crosby.  The 2005 version was recorded in Pasco Washington at Rainmaker Studios which has been the primary studio used by Brewer’s Grade Band for all recordings to date. 

As for the song itself, it is not your typical BGB song when compared to harder hitting tracks like “Shoot Whisky” or “Write a Song About Her”.  “The Me Before You” is more of an opportunity to let a song simply tell it’s tale while exercising a more traditional or even bluegrass feel.  A reputable record producer in Houston Texas was shown the song in 2004 before it had been recorded and when he heard the title he said “Just the title makes it a hit song, the rest is gravy”

In the newly released version you will hear the dynamic BGB vocals blending like Diamond Rio, prominent fiddle and mandolin parts done by grammy award winning BGB member Joe Smart, the steady pace and anchored timing of drummer Cody Christopherson, and the signature country guitar tone and style of Al Hare.  

Follow this link to Listen Now

Look for “The Me Before You” by Brewer’s Grade Band as part of their new EP “Heartbreak Songs” anywhere you stream or download your music. 

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